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The Ebethusa is Solomon Strange's latest novel and is a unique blend of Sci-Fi and Supernatural. It is quite literally a contemporary merging of both genres to create a Science Fiction story with a ghostly twist.

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The Haunting of Gospall

The Haunting of Gospall - Coming Soon

Sean Webster is a young man struggling to come to terms with a nervous collapse. Is he truly experiencing visions of the supernatural? Or are they delusions and a symptom of mental illness? Has he lost his sanity once more?

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Golgotha - Coming Soon

San Reina, a monastery in France is burned to the ground and the Vatican orders miracle investigator Father Amedeo to find a stolen artefact. The priest discovers to his horror that all of the Brothers Ventrusa have been tortured before being burnt alive.

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About the Author

Solomon Strange is shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Thought to have been born in 1545, there are very few verified facts.

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